5 Ways to Remove Viruses on a Flashdisk Easily

The existence of computer viruses is troublesome. Many things can happen because of a virus on a computer. The danger of computer viruses can start from the computer to slow, the computer is often damaged, until the computer can not be operated anymore. Especially if the origin of the virus is a flash we often use.

It can happen if we use a flash on a computer or laptop that has been infected with a virus. Automatically, every data transfer from a flash to a computer or vice versa, the virus is carried over. Therefore, before the flash can damage your computer or laptop, we recommend that you follow the tips on how to remove the virus in the flash.


1. Do remove using anti-virus

The presence of antivirus on computers and laptops is very important. Especially if the antivirus you use is often done renewal, so in general, viruses will be difficult to get into computers or laptops because the security system is high. Antivirus not only detects the presence of viruses on the computer, on a flash also can we check if there is a virus or do not use this antivirus.

The way to detect it is quite easy. First, scan the flashdiskusing an antivirus installed on your computer. After that, let the antivirus work. If the flash is detected virus, then antivirus has two options, namely “jails” virus and remove the virus. For a safer way, it’s a good idea to remove the virus to prevent it from spreading to your computer system.

2. Using CMD function

Some types of viruses that attack flash is in the form of shortcut applications or shortcut folders in a lot of numbers. Therefore, when you connect the pendrive to the computer and there are many shortcuts, then it is a virus. In addition to using antivirus, we can also use other ways to remove viruses on the flash, namely using CMD.

Using the special commands in CMD, we can eliminate viruses without having to fear the loss of important data stored on the computer. How to eliminate viruses in a pendrive using CMD is as follows.

  • Insert Flash on computer
  • After the flash is installed, next you click on “Hidden file” on the toolbar menu. That way, some potentially viral hidden files can be raised.
  • Next, open the CMD program by opening it directly on the menu-> ALL Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt. Or you can also write the word “CMD” in the “Search” box. Later will appear CMD by itself and you just click to open it.
  • Once the CMD is opened, check back the Jonathan location open on which partition. If the flash is open on the partition F, then you type “F” in CMD. Likewise if the flash is open on the G partition, you just type “G” in CMD.
  • Next, you just type “-S-R-H/s/d” in front of the partition you wrote earlier. If already, just click Enter.

If you’ve done the above steps, look back on the flash drive. Generally, important data will revert to the original. However, you should never be happy because this is a temporary way. To keep the virus from reappearing, we recommend that you move all the files inside the pendrive so that we will format again later.

3. Using the Removal Tool app

In addition to antivirus or CMD, there is one more application that is powerful enough to remove the virus on the computer, IE using the application Removal Tool. This app you can search on Google and install it yourself. It’s just that. For application The Removal Tool itself can only handle certain types of viruses. Therefore, you should learn how to check for viruses to be able to know what kind of viruses are attacking flashdrives. If the virus is already known, then this application can be much more potent than using a regular antivirus.

4. Remove yourself without the Help app

If you are already very skilled in the computer world, you can remove the virus on the flash without the help of certain applications or antivirs. Only the operating system used is not Windows, but rather using Linux. This is certainly a lot of questions why should use Linux operating system? The answer is that computer viruses are basically designed to be active on computers using the Windows operating system. In other words, the virus can only work when the flash is connected to a computer or laptop using a Windows operating system.

5. Using Portable Antivirus

The average antivirus file size is quite large. For those of you who have a laptop or computer whose Hardiskis full and can not install antivirus, then this portable version antivirus can be a solution. In addition to the small size, portable version can also be used on other computers so we don’t have to bother installing a new antivirus on someone else’s computer.

That’s how to remove the virus on a flash easily. You can learn how to prevent your computer from getting back with viruses easily from a variety of sources. Hopefully it can be useful.