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Zbtechs.com is a website that provide complete information for Softdriv [Software & Driver] downloading about Canon, Epson, Hp, Ricoh printers. As a third-party driver, software, firmware and scanner provider. We here provide all the support software for Canon, Epson, Hp, Ricoh printers and we have tested them and made sure that everything works properly.

What Is Printer ?

Printer is a device that displays printable data, whether in the form of text or images/graphics, on paper. The printer has a tray to place the paper and the ink is used to write/print on the sheet of paper. On the back of the printer there is usually a plug or USB as a link to the computer.

What Is Driver ?

Driver are interface connector from software to hardware, to optimize operating system and computer program to access hardware function for use. Drivers rely on hardware to run the operating system.