Ambient Mode in Google Assistant Start Adding More Devices

ambient mode android

Last September, Google introduced a new feature for the Assistant called Ambient Mode. This feature is designed to juggle a tablet or smartphone into a smart display when it is not in use, more precisely when the device is being charge or plugged in on top of the docking unit.

The first two devices that are part of the ration feature are the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 and the Yoga Smart Tab, followed by Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 smartphones. During Ambient Mode active, the device screen will display a number of essential information that is usual for Smart Display, a wide range of weather conditions, notifications, reminder, and quick access to smart home devices.

ambient mode android

The good news, this feature has also started to crawl more devices. Based on XDA Developers ‘ watchlist on Reddit, a number of users claimed his phone had the arrival of the Ambient Mode feature. They are users of Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, Pocophone F1, and Nokia 6.1.

Yes, this feature is apparently not an exclusive feature for devices running Android OS 10 only. On the Nokia 6.1 for example, Ambient Mode can be enabled through settings within the Google application. For Android 10 devices, the activations can be directly through the Assistant submenu in the Settings menu.

ambient mode

Then, does the presence of this feature mean that consumers do not need Smart Display devices at all? Certainly not, smart displays have their own reasons for exist, and one of them is the existence of a microphone module that is generally much superior to the embedded smartphone, which is able to capture the sound of users from a distance at once in the center Crowd.

On the contrary, this feature could potentially grow consumer interest in Smart Display devices. Think of Ambient Mode as a free trial stage for them, then after a while, they can finally decide if they need a separate device for that purpose or his presence on the phone alone is enough.