Google Scroll Android Auto Update

Android Auto

There is good news for car users who support Android Auto. Google has just released an app update that has the ability to display content on Android-based devices to the display in the user dashboard.

This app is different from Android Automotive which is an operating system designed for smart cars. Since its introduction in 2015, the app has already been available in around 500 models of cars from 50 different companies.

Citing Venture Beat, Thursday (1/8/2019), Google has exhibited an Android Auto update on May 2019.

At the time Google called this update “Helping users go faster, displaying information in a snap and simplifying light activities while driving.

When the car is turned on and the user connects his device to Android Auto, the app will play media on the device and show you the preferred navigation app.

The application will then automatically display the specified route on your phone and start the navigation. If you haven’t specified a route of choice, the user must set it manually.

To start navigating to a new place, users can say “Hey Google” as a command or touch that location in the navigation map. The app will then show the navigation route.

Additionally, this update includes a new notification center that displays calls, messages, and alerts. In the bottom right, there’s a new notification button for all calls, messages, and alerts.

Users can long press the microphone button on the screen or say “Hey Google ” To call Google Assistant to make calls, send messages and read notifications.

Battery Efficiency in Android Q

Previously preached, the Android Q update offers better battery efficiency especially for wireless headphones usage. This update lets Android users not run out of battery unexpectedly.

“Because the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology headphones continue to get positive responses from the market and users, we want to accommodate that need across the TWS system, ” Google says.

Later this year, according to Google, “TWS technology headphones with the Fast Pair feature will be able to display individual battery information for both case and buds. ”

Additionally, Google will also update the “Find My Device ” feature on the app and the website version, which allows the user to track the missing device.