Hands on: Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

Samsung’s renewed power in the middle-class mobile market continues, and with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy A71 at CES 2020, Samsung believes that the product is exactly what consumers want – widescreen, multiple cameras, and life span Long battery life.

It is no secret that this phone is more devoted to the generation of TikTok-a younger audience who spends a lot of time online, consuming and creating high volume video content.

After seeing the success of A series being launched back in 2019, where the Galaxy A40 became a best seller in Europe and the UK, Samsung wanted to do a double-down in 2020 and the Galaxy A71 was at the top of the range, and pushed right behind The new Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

The screen, the camera, the battery combo seems to be a good idea, but how does it all join? We got information about the new Galaxy A71 to find out.

Date and price release of Samsung Galaxy A71

We have been told that the release date of Samsung Galaxy A71 will be early February, although we are still waiting for the exact date. It seems it will be available before the launch of the Galaxy S11, which takes place on February 11th.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is £419 (about $550, AU $800), making it competitive in the market for the features it offers. This should be translated into the same contract deal as strong, but we have to wait to know exactly how much they are going to be.

Date and price release of Samsung Galaxy A71

Design and appearance

When it comes to the design of Samsung Galaxy A71, it’s all about the screen, large 6.7 inches. It dominates the front of the handset, but with a slight bezel beside it fitting in the hands better than you imagine.

It uses the Samsung’s Infinity-O screen technology that we’ve seen on the previous device of the company, and means you get a camera-hole design at the top of the screen. It sits on the notification bar, which makes it okay, so it doesn’t interfere with general use.

Front-facing cameras need more space on the A71 than those on the cheaper Galaxy A51-even if they have the same lens. That is the fact that the Galaxy A71 uses the Super AMOLED Plus panel (vs Super AMOLED on A51) which is thinner and lighter, but what to note is the cut-out camera should be slightly larger.

This is not a problem, but Samsung’s dear can not get a smaller design here too.

The Galaxy A71 measures 163.6 x 76 x 7, 7mm and weighs 179g, which makes it relatively easy to use. Those with smaller hands will still feel large enough, and stretching the thumb to the top of the screen is a struggle – especially during the use of one hand.

On the right you’ll find power buttons and volumes that are easy to reach, while at the bottom is the headphone jack with a 25W USB-C port that can be quickly refilled.

Round the back and Samsung have developed a new Prism effect for the back of the latest series A devices (A71 and A51), which gives it a bit of intrigue and individuality.

You will be able to take the Galaxy A71 in various colors, including black, silver, blue and pink.

Shifting the focus back to the screen, and as we mentioned it was 6.7 inches in size with the Super AMOLED Plus panel, which gives it a bright and colourful punch.

It has a resolution of Full HD + (1080 x 2400) which gives a good level of detail on the screen. You can watch Netflix comfortably on this device.

There is a fingerprint scanner that is embedded on the screen as well, plus an option to use face recognition to unlock the phone.

Camera and battery

One of the big party parts for the Samsung Galaxy A71 is its camera. The 32MP front-facing snaps produce high-quality shots, even in a slightly awkward light from the Samsung booth, which should satisfy selfie fans.

On the back and the Galaxy A71 has four cameras. The main sensors that offer 64MP, F/1.8 and from our short testing result in bright and detailed images.

You can put more of your surroundings into the shot, by tapping the onscreen icon to switch to a 12MP 123-degree ultra-wide camera. In addition, you also get a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth for close-up shots and a background blur effect (which by Samsung is called Live Focus).

It’s a full-featured camera experience, with lots of modes and featured extras.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 can also be a bit of a star when it comes to battery life. Samsung has squeezing a sizable 4,500 mAh battery into the handset, which is larger than the battery in the Galaxy S10 Plus (4.100 mAh) and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (4.300 mAh).

We do not know how long for one time charging, but our hope is you will be able to approach two full days before having to find an electrical outlet. We will definitely test this in our immersive Galaxy A71 review soon.

Camera and battery

Performance and Specifications

There is a lot of power under the hood of Samsung Galaxy A71, with octa-core processors and 6GB of RAM (some areas will get 8GB) in the driver’s seat.

The device runs Android 10, which feels fluid and fast under your finger, and you also get 128GB of storage to play which, for many, will be more than enough.

If you run out of space, the Galaxy A71 also has a microSD slot that supports cards up to 512GB size.

Preliminary verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has many benefits, ranging from big screen and power to full featured camera and big battery-this can be a winning formula at an attractive price point.