How to Check Mobile OS to Make Sure Can Use Whatsapp February 2020



WhatsApp some time ago ensured service termination on some types of phones with certain operating system (OS) specifications on February 2020.

The type of handphone included in the list is mobile phone using Jadul mobile operating system, both Android and iPhone.

Then how to check the OS on handphone to make sure it is compatible with Whatsapp’s latest provisions in 2020?

1. Android

For Android-type phones, WhatsApp cannot be used on Android phones that have a Gingerbread operating system or version 2.3.7.

Older operating systems will also not be able to use WhatsApp.

In order to access WhatsApp on 2020, the phone must have a minimum Gingerbread operating system or version 2.3.7.

Gingerbread is an operating system launched by Android in 2010.

To check the OS or your phone’s operating system, do some of the following, as quoted from the How-To Geek page:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Go to menu “setting” or “Settings”
  • Click “about phone” or “About phone”
  • Click “Software info” or “Software information”

All information related to the phone you’re using will be displayed, including the Android version.On some phones, all information about the phone will be displayed after opening the menu “about phone “.

However, some other phones need to open the menu “Software info ” To find out the version of Android used.

2. iPhone

For iPhone-type phones, WhatsApp cannot be used for iOS 8 ‘s operating system down on the upcoming 2020.

That is, the compatible operating system for WhatsApp is at least iOS 9.The operating system iOS 8 debuted its first year in 2014.

How to check it is also not complicated. Here’s how to check the operating system on Your iPhone:

  • Open your phone open menu “Settings” or “Settings”
  • Click on the menu “General” or “General”
  • Click on the menu “about” or “about”

All information about the phone you’re using is displayed, including the iOS version.

Some iPhone types will display all phone-related information after opening the “General ” menu.

However, some other types need to open the menu “about ” to find out which version of iOS is being used.