Iphone 11 Pro Review

Review iphone 11

IPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s latest iPhone that makes people ask us, “What’s really changing? ” It’s a reasonable question because it looks very similar to iPhone last year. But use a new camera for a few minutes and questions and views want to know from people who hesitate to quickly fade away.

Review iphone 11

Apple made a lot of effort on its triple-lens rear camera, offering a trio of 12MP lenses that capture regular, telephoto, and ultra-wide perspectives of new images. Not having to back up to fit everything into a stretched frame is a big thing. Also, all our friends appreciate no one who beheaded them in portrait photos.

‘ Night Mode ‘, meanwhile, tackling the biggest complaint we’ve ever heard from iPhone users over the years: photos in a dimly-lit bar and restaurant don’t look very good-not next to their friends Touting Android phones. Shame!

Good news: iPhone 11 Pro has the best low-light camera we’ve ever tested on any mobile phone. Apple brightens up with the best of them and its night mode is applied automatically, surpassing Samsung, Huawei and Google interfaces.

The best video display and sound in its class of large rear cameras, but we found the biggest year-to-year leap in the physically smaller 12MP front camera. Now it’s recording in 4K and recording slo-mo video. Apple ‘ Slofies ‘ is best used with long hair and is wrapped to whip back and forth, so we have to be creative in our testing.

Most of the iPhone 11 Pro is about the camera, but there is a little more. We find the battery life is much better than iPhone XS-we have spent longer than a day with a lot of use. You don’t need Pro Max for the power of the battery. The matte back cover looks nicer and feels less slippery, though it won’t be too much if you directly stick the iPhone 11 Pro casing on it (which we recommend).

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  • IPhone 11 Pro runs the new Apple 13 iOS software

The IPhone 11 Pro was announced on September 12, 2019 and the official release date of the month on September 20. It’s sold at a Pro-level price, though in most areas, you’ll pay the same amount as you would for iPhone XS and iPhone X.

The price is $999 (£1,049, AU $1,749) at the time of launch for the iPhone 11 Pro version 64GB. That’s not enough storage for most people with a decade’s value of iPhone photos and videos, even with iCloud to unload multiple files. And there is no 128GB option, unfortunately.

Instead you can pay $1,149 (£1,119, AU $1,999) for the 256GB version, ideal size for most iPhone 11 Pro buyers, or use the all-in for 512GB size in $1,349 (£1,399, AU $2,349). There’s no expandable storage here, like all previous Iphones, meaning you’ll get a better storage-to-price value from the top Android phones.

You’ll also get an Apple TV Plus for a year when you buy a new handset, and you may be able to find a more appropriate offer for you through your carrier and network using the links below.

Three-lens camera flexibility

Welcome to what is basically an iPhone 11 Pro camera review-We will talk a lot about four cameras and show a lot of photos of each lens.

The rear-camera trifecta offers a very wide perspective, 2x an optically enlarged and covers everything, the latter being the first for the iPhone. We found the iPhone 11 Pro camera that praises incredible versatility – even in the lives of our own technological reporter.

We can enlarge Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and the first iPhone 11 customer at the 5th Avenue store that was reopened in New York City with a telephoto lens, and then immediately came out to see the crowds of the festivities around him.

We took three very different photos without moving, all while our mirrorless camera remained in our backpack all day-along with three different large lenses that needed to be changed manually to get the same result. Nowadays, the best camera is the one with you… And does not require manual lens exchange.

We found HDR and a better definition for what is usually lost in the shadows or burst with bright light. This also applies to portrait mode; We observe a brighter, sharper subject. Photos stay realistic with warmer tones, not a cooler and saturated look than most of the ready-made Android phones for Instagram in striking colors.

Shining Night Mode

Night Mode is the biggest reason to upgrade to the iPhone 11 series if you like photography after dark. This is put into Apple’s main photo mode, not a separate mode as we saw in rival Android, and it makes the feature completely more useful.

An automatically applied long exposure setting usually lands between 2-5 seconds depending on how dark it is. It can rotate the aperture length to 30 seconds if your iPhone uses a tripod or rests on the wall. The empty night sky can be seen with the stars with this mode.

IPhone 11 Pro Night Mode is like turning on the lights in the midnight, with two warnings. It only works on major 12MP cameras, not telephoto, ultra-wide or front cameras, and subjects cannot move quickly. It worked well to pose in a dimly-lit bar, but not when trying to capture the sick dance movements at the wedding party.

Front and video cameras

It’s interesting to see how far HDR advancements have evolved when you take photos with the front-facing iPhone 11 Pro camera. It’s 12MP (up from 7MP) and packs a lot of detail. It could be brighter and we felt the need to dampen the warm colors at the time of editing our images, but overall, this was an impressive improvement.

Both the front and back camera 4K video recording at 60fps (we have waited 4K on the front camera for some time) and slo-mo videos finally come to the selfie camera. No, ‘ Slofies ‘ will not change your life and is actually not mentioned in the UI. But we did have fun testing the features at 120fps in 1080p. Know that you can get a much slower 1080p 240pps video from the main camera.

More important than frames per second are two unmarked heroes that make the video look and sound good: Apple’s cinematic video stabilization keeps things smoothly while the Audio Zoom sounds in a distant sound or subject sound when you Zoom in, not objects on the periphery. We found it better than the zoom-in mic feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


IPhone 11 Pro is not here to amaze you with a very different design; It looks almost identical to the previous iPhone XS and iPhone X before that.

However, there is a new, opaque matte coating on the back, which gives a subtle, yet pleasant change of the ultra-fine reflective glass We’re always seen on the iPhone. We find it a little easier to grip the phone and hide the stain. This is the most handsome iPhone we tested to date.

This is an improvement that will make you think twice to need a computer case iphone, especially if you have an iphone 11 Pro at Midnight Green. That’s a hot new color this year that shows the fact that you did have a new iPhone for the year 2019. Apple plastic casing is probably the best solution for that. Other colors include Space Grey, Silver, and Gold, and all look different from the previous iPhone thanks to the matte finish.

Is the TrueDepth camera still here? Yes. Are the three lens rear cameras looking funky? Also yes. But if this is your first iPhone that is almost all screen, know that it’s easy to ignore the notch screen snippet, as much as we want it to disappear, and we’d rather have a camera that three lenses ruin the scene (not that bad) in return for Much better photos.


IPhone 11 Pro Batteries consistently last for more than a day during our tests, often stretched for almost half a day, even with heavy use. When enabled, iOS 13 ‘s low power mode completely extends the lifespan of this battery.

Apple claimed that the iPhone 11 Pro could last four hours longer than iPhone XS, and that’s right, we did see a noticeable improvement over the 5.8-inch phone last year. But the bigger the phone, the larger the battery that Apple can install; The 6.1 inch iPhone 11 and 6.5 inch iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts longer.


We made a conscious decision last year to select iPhone XS Max for its battery life above iPhone XS, but that’s not a big problem here. Apple removes 3D Touch to fit a larger battery and the new look has higher efficiency, so we can recommend this smaller iPhone to power the user without hesitation.

The fact that the charger 18W and the light-to-USB-C cables included in the box is a big problem. Our IPhone 11 Pro switched from 0% to more than 50% in 30 minutes, while the old 5W charger, which lasts too long, takes a long time to reach this point.

We’re still dealing with a slow 7.5 W wireless charging speed, and the rumored reverse wireless charging feature never works as a way to charge your Apple Watch or AirPods from the back of Your iPhone 11 Pro. There is always hope for iPhone 12.

Buy If..
You want the best new iPhone in small size.
We love the fact that we can wrap this 5.8-inch iPhone. Moving on from XS Max, we felt our hands were on vacation. And you still get all the power of Pro 11 Max.

You use a telephoto camera lens
While we’re a big fan of iPhone 11 for everyday shoppers because of the cheaper price, if you’re going to be using a telephoto or partial lens to an OLED display, this facility is exclusive to pros.

Your night photos look gloomy
. The camera is where Apple makes the most of the progress, and the night mode becomes our favorite choice. It brightens the dark scenes and applies the effect automatically.

Don’t buy if…
You don’t like mobile photography
Some people don’t use cameras too much. Others rely on mirrorless cameras. Apple includes most of the work into the camera, so if you don’t need it, look to an older iPhone or wait.

You want the best battery life
. IPhone 11 Pro lasts for one and a half days with heavy usage and, occasionally, low power mode turned on. That’s fantastic, but you’ll still find better battery life on the 11 Pro Max.

You can wait for iPhone 5G.
Have an iPhone XS or XR and wondering if you need to improve? No, unless you get a deal. XS and XR are great phones, and if you can survive for it, the next iPhone is ready to bring big changes.