IPhone 7 Plus Review

IPhone 7 Plus is now the cheapest widescreen iPhone that Apple still sells, so it remains a popular option despite being replaced twice by iPhone 8 Plus and then the larger iPhone XS Max display.

In addition, it is guaranteed to get iOS 13 updates, currently running iOS 12.4, and the changes that Apple introduced with iPhone 7 Plus marked a big change for the iPhone, more positive than negative, as we will explain in reviews Our.

iphone 7

While its traditional iPhone design won’t amaze you in 2019, 7 Plus does bring a new home Touch ID keypad with no moving parts and waterproof design that will give you peace of mind. It’s less easily broken and the previous iPhone.

But missing something significant: the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The iPhone 7 Series is the first without the standard way of plugging these headphones into. Apple AirPods are here to help address these issues, at least to some degree.

Why do we recommend iPhone 7 Plus exceed the standard iPhone 7? Two reasons other than larger screen sizes: better battery life and an innovative camera.

The battery will always be better on larger phones, given the bigger capacity, but the camera is surprising when it launches. Apple added two lens cameras, a conscious effort to make the iPhone 7 Plus a distinctly different choice.

The 7 Plus is the better than the two iPhone 2016, even if it doesn’t move quickly from the overall look of the iPhone 6S Plus, and it’s cheaper than iPhone XR if you have a budget.

Prices and availability of iPhone 7 Plus

  • IPhone 7 Plus (32GB) Price: $569 (£569, AU $929)
  • IPhone 7 Plus (128GB) Price: $669 (£669, AU $1,099)
  • Launch Price: From $769 (£719, AU $1,229)
  • IPhone 7 Plus Release date: September 2016
    When launched, the price of iPhone 7 Plus starts from $769 (£719, AU $1,229) for entry-level model 32GB and $869 (£819, AU $1,419) for the 128GB variant. Apple also offers an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB, but this particular model has now been discontinued.

With the arrival of newer generations of Iphones, the price of the iPhone 7 Plus has dropped, and can now be taken for $569 (£569, AU $929) under the guise of 32GB.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB price drops to $669 (£669, AU $1,099).

IPhone 7 Plus is still widely available from Apple directly and from major retailers and carriers around the world.

Duplicate design

Waterproof is really beneficial
Lack of headphone jack at first frustrating
More of the same design, with the same look as its predecessor
Easy to distinguish iPhone 7 Plus from its predecessor, because it is the only iPhone that has two cameras behind it.

Apart from the bulkier camera block, the lack of headphone ports (more than that in a minute) and some new colors, Apple stuck with exactly the same design that served well for two previous iPhone iterations.

If you already have, or are familiar with, iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus then you will know exactly what the iPhone 7 Plus does.

Rounded corners, aluminium frames and minimalist styling mean the iPhone 7 Plus maintains its premium status, and with the introduction of New Black and ‘ black Legam ‘, fans have two new ways to show their dark side.

Recently, Apple introduced a Red Edition special edition of the iPhone 7 Plus (and iPhone 7) in partnership with the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help produce free-generation AIDS – although only black, silver, gold and rose gold shades are still sold directly from Apple.

We’ve been using the red version of the iPhone 7 Plus right now and found most people who see it like the phone’s look, but no one we’re talking is quite happy to jump out of their seat to buy Red phone immediately.

If you want to know about the shiny black jet finish, check out our iPhone 7 review, but if you are interested in the standard black color then stay here.

We’re a fan of this matte black finish, as it gives the iPhone 7 Plus its understated yet elegant look – essentially the opposite of a striking rose gold which is also an option here.

Moving to a lack of headphone jack, it is the decision Apple has described as “brave “, but while it is a positive step forward for the mobile phone industry, the short-term effects are the ones that make the most noise to Current.

Apple does include an adapter in the iPhone 7 Plus box, allowing you to connect your standard 3.5 mm headphone connection – but that’s not a very compelling compromise. It also includes an EarPod set that is connected to lightning, so you can avoid the adapter if you don’t mind the Apple creations-but soon there is a problem.

If you are someone who tends to find themselves filling their iPhone while listening to music through a pair of wired headphones, it does not need to be done with iPhone 7 Plus. This is one-unless you are using a somewhat unattractive adapter, and you have to buy it separately.

The easiest way to get this is to invest in a set of wireless headphones-Apple’s own AirPod is available at a price of $159 (£159, AU $229)-but any Bluetooth device will work with the handset if you want to spend less.

This is far from the crisis at Apple, but this inconvenience is real – and this is one that we experienced during our review – even though it’s one that can be easily resolved if you want to be a little compromises.

A much less controversial new feature is the IP67 rating for the iPhone 7 Plus, which means it is dustproof and waterproof.

This will be able to survive the accidental slip to the tub, or the emails quickly destroyed in the bathroom, with the official tests showing it’s good to swim half an hour at depths up to one meter in fresh water.

It should be noted that it is not completely waterproof, and often exposed to water can cause problems – but the iPhone is now more capable than ever survived a small crash for life.

Measuring 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm, the 7 Plus size is exactly the same as the replaceable 6S Plus, although the weight drops slightly, from 192g to 188g. For users who want to upgrade from 6 Plus who is now two years old, 7 Plus is a little thicker, and it’s still a little heavier than your current device.

You will not notice any difference in hand, because it will still stretch the agility of your one hand to the max, especially when about pressing the back button in the upper left corner.

Apple’s ‘ reachability ‘ feature, while looking at the top of the screen jumps down to a half with a double tap of the home button, is still a role here, which helps alleviate the high number of handsets specified by the Cupertino companies that are now Become an icon. Chunky bezel.

Uniting all of this, Apple has another well-laid out iPhone, and while it doesn’t spoil the new ground in terms of appearance, it’s the most powerful and delicate handset we saw from the company at the time, despite the many handsets from Apple and Others have been repaired.