IPhone XS Max Review

IPhone XS Max Review

This iPhone XS Max Review will talk about my experience using iPhone XS Max and explain whether this product is worth your purchase as a replacement for the iPhone you are currently still using.

New Colors

IPhone XS Max and iPhone XS devices come in a new color, Gold. Apple previously used only the Silver and Space Gray colors for the iPhone X.

Now with the presence of Gold color, there is a new color that becomes a marker for iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS products.

For those of you who do not yet know, Apple is not selling iPhone X since the presence of iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS.

In my opinion, this is because the price of iPhone XS starts at $999, similar to the iPhone X product that was released in the year 2017. Actually, Apple could just lower the price of Your iPhone X and still sell it (like iPhone 8), but it will be troublesome and confusing because iPhone XR is at price $749.

Big Screen

Physically, iPhone XS Max devices Use the same dimensions as iPhone Plus series like iPhone 8 Plus for example. The difference is that there are no other non-screen parts at the top and bottom, all of which are used for the screen and the Face ID sensor row and front camera at the top.

The OLED display on iPhone XS Max uses a diagonal size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels in 458 PPI (Pixel Per Inch).

If you’re already familiar with iPhone Plus series, the use of iPhone XS Max adaptations won’t take a long time. But this will be different if you previously used an iPhone 8 or even an iPhone SE that was only 4 inches.

With a large screen, many activities will become more comfortable. Start from playing games, managing documents, watching videos, editing images or anything more.

My advice is to maximize the use of gesture in iPhone XS Max to make it easier to navigate. Start from Reachability For example or swipe left and right from the horizontal line at the bottom of the screen to move between apps.

Improved Camera

The Review in this section of the camera applies to iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. Yes, this is because Apple does not give any difference in the camera of both phones.

The best part of the new camera on iPhone XS Max is Smart HDR, Control Depth mode for Portrait Mode and also wider Wide lens.

Honestly since using iPhone XS Max, the iPhone 7 Plus camera shot that has been accompanied for 2 years ago looks very lame. Especially in low-light conditions or Portrait Mode.

Great improvements are seen in Apple’s embedded Smart HDR technology to iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iphone XR. This technology relies on the Neural Engine and ISP on Apple’s A12 Bionic CPU to make the photo computing process very fast.

Apple even mentions that Smart HDR is already taking pictures before you press the camera’s snap button to analyze the dynamic range that can be captured.


Apple mentioned that the A12 Bionic CPU was 15% faster, 50% more power efficient and 50% faster in the graphical performance part compared to the CPU A11 Bionic.

The performance test I did was playing high-quality games, taking pictures in a lot of continuous Portrait Mode (creating the CPU to keep working heavily) and playing videos in high resolution. Everything runs very smoothly on iPhone XS Max devices and the battery is still cost-effective for all-day use.

How low is the battery on the new iPhone? From the record, iPhone XS Max is claimed to be usable for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. While iPhone XS has a battery spec for up to 30 minutes longer than iPhone X.

Dual SIM Technology

iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR are the first Iphones to support Dual SIM technology. The Format used is Nano SIM + eSIM (embedded).

But Apple also created an iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR product type that uses the Dual SIM format of the Nano SIM + Nano SIM for the Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao markets.

It is reportedly done because the Chinese government has no plans to adopt eSIM technology and expensive roaming costs between regions. So that Chinese citizens who travel often between cities or regions always crave the iPhone Dual SIM with 2 physical cards.

Despite being present in the Dual Nano SIM type, Apple continues to use a SIM Card tray for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR devices. The second SIM card is inserted in the back position of the SIM Tray, making the order back and forth.

The territory of Indonesia to date does not support eSIM technology, so I decided to use iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong in order to enjoy Dual Nano SIM technology. A complete explanation for the iPhone Dual SIM will I discuss in a separate article.

Various Other New Features

There are many new features on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS that you can enjoy. Here are some of them:

  • IP68 certification for water and dust resistance up to 2 meters depth for 30 minutes. These capabilities include the resilience of the liquid splashes of coffee, tea or soda.
  • Stereo Recording to record video with more quality audio.
  • Gigabit LTE, the LTE speed is maximized if you are using a supported network.
  • Up to 512GB of storage capacity (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max).
  • 4GB RAM (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max).

Is it Worth Upgrading to iPhone XS Max?

The best experience when using iPhone XS Max is its big screen, very fast performance and the best phone camera I’ve ever used.

Dual Nano SIM Technology in iPhone XS Max is also quite useful when I have to travel abroad or need to switch the use of data packets to a second card as a backup.

Is it worth upgrading to iPhone XS Max? If you’re still using iPhone X, my suggestion is to enjoy first until next year. The differences that exist on iPhone X and iPhone XS or iphone XS Max are arguably not too many.

Whereas if you’re still using an iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or earlier, I recommend upgrading to iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS to start enjoying the iPhone with Face ID, without a Home Button and new gesture mode as well as other enhancements.

Price of iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

Here’s the price list of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max if taken on the Apple.com page:

iPhone XS

  • iPhone Xs 64GB: $999
  • iPhone Xs 256GB: $1149
  • 512GB iPhone Xs: $1349

iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone Xs Max 64GB: $1099
  • iPhone Xs Max 256GB: $1249
  • iPhone Xs Max 512GB: $1499