Online Tools: How to Reduce PDF File Size

PDF is one of the safest media for document file transfer, but in transferring documents there are constraints regarding the large file size when sharing.

Large pdf files cannot be sent via email or other sources due to restrictions. This article will describe the best online tools for pdf compressors available on the internet.

Online pdf tool

Online PDF Compress Tool

Some online tool recommendations to compress pdf for free.


It’s one of the famous websites for online pdf manipulation services. This website can be used to merge, divide, edit, convert, and even compress pdf files. This website is also very easy to use. Simply select the tool you want to use and start your operation. You will see navigation, ‘compress pdf’, press or click this bar to open the tool online.

You’ll find different insertion options for uploading large files and compressing them to the size you want. This online compressor tool focuses on maintaining the quality of the original file.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is also one of the leading sites that can help to compress pdf files to smaller sizes. Soda PDF offers bayak tools to compress pdf. This compress tool has a fan base due to its easy-to-understand interface and fast service.

This Soda PDF compressor tool can be used for free. There is no need to register for a pdf size reduction service.


Docupub is another online service that can help to compress pdf files according to the size and quality of the files. You’ll need to open the Docupub tool on your device and use the settings options before compressing files. This pdf compressor tool is very famous for reducing images saved in pdf format.

Docupub options different pdf compression for color images, gray images, and also mono images.


Duplichecker is one of the leading services for compressing pdfs. This compressor is free to use and has no restrictions on zooming out files.

This pdf tool is considered best for shrinking the size of pdf files that are less than 100Kbs in size. It has garnered notoriety in this case because the compressor tool focuses on keeping the quality of the files intact.

to run Duplichecker, you need to insert a large file and use the ‘compress’ button to reduce its size. You can use this tool on any device as it is a cloud-based service.


This site is known as one of the best for compressing pdf document files for free. If you need a quick service for pdf manipulation, then you need to visit this website. The pdf2go compressor tool can give you different compression options for shrinking pdf files.

You can choose from the best compression, medium compression, and also low compression media. You can also split, merge, and even convert files with this tool.

You searched online sites to compress file sizes? You should try one of these!

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