Oppo A15 Full Review 2021

Oppo launched the brand’s cheapest A15 smartphone. The phone’s all-plastic body feels sturdy, and the presence of micro-USB ports from the past, makes it more elegant. Fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the phone. The Oppo A15 display is 6.52 inches large, with relatively high peak brightness.

Oppo installed the MediaTek MT6765 CPU on the A15, it is one of the lowest on the market, and is powered by 3GB of RAM. Oppo has chosen the appropriate camera settings on the A15, something there is no doubt about this price. However, the lack of flexibility of camera settings results in poor daytime photos. And although there is a Night mode, it does not seem to work properly in low light conditions. For Oppo A15 4230mAh battery is big enough for simple component.

Oppo A15 Price

Oppo A15 launches in the UK on 26 November 2020, priced at £119 (around €132/$162/U$210). There has been no news of a wider rollout in the US, EU or Australia. The price in the UK makes it the most affordable phone released by a Chinese manufacturer in the West. Oppo A15 is in a very tight budget sub-section of the market, with the cuts needed to stabilise prices remaining low.


Oppo A15

Oppo A15 becomes one of the certain minimum standard phones you would expect from a smartphone, the A15 just meets that. MediaTek MT6765’s simple CPU, with 3GB of RAM supporting it. Geekbench 5’s multicore score of 930 is very low, even when compared to other budget phones.

Oppo A15 is far from a seamless experience, with small but frequent delays when switching between apps and scrolling through webpages. Apps like Netflix can take a while to get up and running, and even Oppo’s individual Settings menu takes extra steps to load.

For gaming it’s pretty decent on Oppo A15, but far from optimal. Like PUBG Mobile, the graphics settings will not be higher than balanced/medium, one level below and even then the performance is far from as soft as silk.

Internal storage is 32GB, which isn’t really much when phones under £200 start packing 128GB as standard. You can expand it up to 256GB via the included microSD card slot. Oppo A15 comes with ColorOS 7.2 out of the box, which is a custom skin that runs on top of Android 10. It’s a pretty clean and smooth look on Google OS. ColorOS is a well-customized UI, so you can customize things to a reasonable level of satisfaction. There aren’t many ways to bloatware, and Google Chrome, Calendar, and Gmail apps handle their respective tasks instead of lower alternatives.


Oppo A15

Oppo A15 in design with the back of the device is a plastic overlay that mostly does not have shiny features, a square camera module in the upper left corner, framed by a faux metal surround. Just below the fingerprint sensor, you might expect the Oppo A15 to be a little light given all that plastic and a fairly slim 7.9mm body, but it weighs 175g.

The front has several bezels that are thick by the standard end of 2020. For the bottom of the phone, there’s a micro-USB port next to the 3.5mm headphone jack.


Oppo A15

Oppo claims that oppo A15 has been designed with the social network and entertainment needs of users in mind, explaining the presence of a 6.52-inch IPS LCD screen. It becomes one relatively bright at 480nits, and its color is also quite balanced. But the level of screen sharpness doesn’t help any media content.

With a size of only 720 x 1600, this is HD+/720p compared to the FHD+/1080p resolution that most phones use. You won’t watch Full HD video content natively here, and with pixel density of just 269ppi.

refresh rate is not improved, output is 60Hz regular, but we see a 120Hz display on phones under 200 pounds like the Poco X3 NFC. But it encourages us to recommend that you at least consider a slightly higher phone on the market, if your budget can be close to that £200 figure.


Oppo A15 camera

Oppo A15 comes with three real camera settings, featuring a 13 megapixel main lens powered by a 2 macro and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. This is a familiar setting for a standard budget class. Extreme close ups look so rough and ugly that we doubt many will use Macro mode after their initial experiment.

However, Oppo is solely responsible for the main sensor to function properly. In general, the lighting conditions are evenly distributed, a reasonable balance for shooting, with Oppo’s usual natural color.

Oppo cameras also have difficulty with HDR situations, elements that expose excessively like the sky in the background. However, it is still possible to get good results and can be used during the day in the right situations.

The 5 megapixel selfie camera on the front isn’t very good either, even with the Beauty slider seemingly set to zero.


Oppo A15 battery

Oppo A15 has a battery capacity of 4,230mAh, you can’t possibly enjoy hours of gaming considering that simple processor, and even if you’re really a fan of video streaming, the 720p output shouldn’t be too burdensome. An hour of Netflix streaming with a screen set to full brightness decreased by between 5% and 8% in testing, which strangely varies, but is generally quite resistant.

Recharge using the included 10W charger and the creaking micro USB port is not very fast. Increasing from 17% to 91% takes 90 minutes in our experience, and a quick top-up of 30 minutes from low only generates a profit of 27%.

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