Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review Specification

Samsung has just announced the presence of a special edition Galaxy Note 10 Plus which is Star Wars theme. The presence of this special edition is not separated from the latest movie Star Wars releases.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus

Given this special edition of Star Wars themed, Samsung took Kylo Ren’s character as the main design. Therefore, this smartphone appears with a distinctive black and red color in the character.

Samsung also included a Galaxy Buds wrapped in red and black. Not only that, there are also rows of wallpapers, icon packs, sounds, including special animations of Star Wars themed.

As for the deprecated specifications, it is most likely still the same as the standard Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The plan, this smartphone will be available with a limited amount for the United States market. Samsung Membanderol This smartphone at a price of USD 1,300.

In addition to the United States, this special edition of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will be present in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy Note 10 is supported with the Exynos 9825 chipset. The Chipset is built using the EUV 7nm technology, so it has a smaller size.The Galaxy Note 10 has a 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with an Infinity O design cutout in the center of the top screen.

Photography, the smartphone comes with three rear cameras that are 16MP (Ultra wide), 12MP (wide-angle), and 12MP (telephoto). Meanwhile, selfie needs are left on the 10MP front-resolution camera.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review Specification

Dimension and Screen
The body size of the Galaxy Note 10+ is 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm, weighing 196 grams. Glass material on the front and back side of the aluminium frame that creates a luxurious and elegant impression. The body is attached to a 6.8-inch screen.

Galaxy Note 10+ screen is stretched from edge to edge almost without bezel. This screen has an Infinity-O display design so there is a small hole at the top to put the front camera. This very spacious screen offers a cinematic infinity display experience where you can enjoy entertainment with beautiful and realistic images.

Dynamic AMOLED Technology is carried on the screen of this Galaxy Note 10 +. With a density of 1440×3040 pixels, this Galaxy Note 10+ already has a QuadHD + resolution. Watch music videos on Youtube or movies on Netflix so it’s even more delicious thanks to the crisp, contrasting, natural-coloured on-screen offerings. The quality of the screen is sure to remain consistent even if you are watching in a very bright outdoors.

The Galaxy Note 10+ carries a camera that cannot be underestimated because it has a quality equivalent to a professional camera. There are four lenses on the main camera, a 12MP f/1.5-2.4 wide camera, a 16MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera, a 12MP f/2.1 Telephoto camera and the last depth vision sensor. The first three lenses are vertically positioned while the depth vision sensor is located under the flash light to the right of the three camera.

Galaxy Note 10+ camera produces very sharp photos consistently in both light and low light. The dual aperture feature (f/1.5-2.4) makes taking photos in dark places easier. In addition, its ability to lock autofocus is also very lightning, worth getting praise.

With a Galaxy Note 10+ camera, you can take photos of a standard width, with an extra-wide angle of up to 123 degrees, take an optical zoom photo up to 2x and with a blur/bokeh background thanks to the presence of a depth vision sensor. This Bokeh effect can not only be obtained when capturing still images, but also when recording videos. There are several types of bokeh effects that can be selected, namely Blur, Big circle, glitch or monotone light.

Also, when recording a video and zooming in to the highlighted object, the Galaxy Note 10+ Activates the zoom in mic feature so that the microphone will capture the sound that the object generates from a closer distance. The stabilizer feature is also embedded in the Galaxy Note 10+ So if you are recording a video while moving (running or running), then the result will remain stable and not vibrating (shaky).

Before uploading videos to social media, you must first edit them to appear more interesting. You can directly use Samsung’s built-in video editor or use a professional-grade app like Adobe Premiere Rush on your phone. Don’t worry, Note 10+ is so powerful that running such a heavy-duty application will still be smooth.

The Galaxy Note 10+ front camera is also very slick thanks to the 10MP resolution and F/2.2 aperture. Selfie p

By: Zbtechs.comhotos not only exist, but also have excellent quality and can still be sharp even when taken in less light.

Inside the smartphone ‘ machine ‘, the Galaxy Note 10+ is powered by an Exynos 9825 Octacore processor combined with the Mali-G76 MP12 graphics processor (GPU). To support this speeding performance, a 12GB (wow!) memory installed is highly capable for top-notch phones. Want to run multiple apps at once, the Galaxy Note 10 + is guaranteed to be without any obstacles.

The Galaxy Noe 10 + has 512GB of storage capacity. More than enough to store photos, videos, document or install many apps. It can still be enlarged up to 1TB using a MicroSD.

The Galaxy Note 10+ uses the Android Pie operating system (9.0) and has been equipped with One UI that makes phone usage more intuitive. This mobile phone has also been equipped with Bixby’s digital assistant who can help you search for documents, open applications, to translate foreign languages.

The phone is powered by a large-sized battery, which is 4300 mAh. The battery is equipped with a intelligent battery feature that allows the user to manage battery usage for more efficient. You can change the mode of use, disable certain features, etc.

The phone has also been equipped with a Super Fast charging 25W feature that will charge the battery with lightning. Just charging 30 minutes, the Galaxy Note 10+ can be used all day. There is also Fast Qi wireless charging 12W for wireless/wireless charging. This Galaxy Note 10+ can also be used to charge a variety of Samsung gadgets that have supported the wireless charging feature, such as the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds.

As a mobile productivity support, the Galaxy Note 10  also comes with an S-Pen. This Stylus can be used to draw or write on the screen. The handwriting on the screen can be changed so that digital text can be shared and edited in Microsoft Word or emailed. In addition, the S-Pen Galaxy Note 10+ is equipped with Air Actions feature that serves as a remote control for the camera and has a specific gesture recognition to operate some applications on your phone such as presentations, photo galleries or used to add augmented Reality (AR) doodles to the videos you create.

Working on something back and forth between phones with laptops can be a troublesome affair. The Galaxy Note 10+ comes with the DeX app, which lets you move files from your phone to your laptop and vice versa with just a drag and drop. Documents, photos or videos made on the mobile phone can be edited on the laptop and vice versa. It really helps those who want to stay productive on the go.

Fingerprint Sensor in the Galaxy Note 10 + is below the screen. Its ability to recognize the owner’s fingerprint is very fast so it doesn’t feel when scanning. In addition, there is also a facial recognition locker for added security.