Ways to Add Android RAM Without Root on All Hp Brands

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM serves to store temporary memory of certain applications or programs of the operating system. The role of RAM is vital on Android hp. Hp that has big RAM will be easier to run many applications at the same time. HP RAM capacity is low, so to run multiple applications will make HP feel slow. Then how to add Android RAM? Can Android RAM be added?

how to add Android RAM

Can Android RAM be Added?

The answer is no. RAM is already embedded directly into the mobile mainboard. RAM can not be removable and replaced with a larger capacity such as a MicroSD card. For example you have an Android hp with 2GB RAM, to increase the RAM capacity to 3GB or 4GB is very not possible. If you want to increase your Android’s RAM, there’s no need to buy a new HP.

But if asked if the limited capacity of RAM can be expanded? The answer is can. If the Android RAM capacity is small, to run some applications will certainly make RAM full directly. If the RAM is full, the HP will be lemot and need to restart. Hp Android Lemot is certainly very annoying and interfere with daily activities.

How to Add True Android RAM

As already described above, the Android RAM can not be added. If you have Android hp with small RAM, the best way to make the HP is not Lemot is to expand the RAM capacity. Sultan this time have 3 mainstay ways to expand the RAM capacity on your Android phone. What are you?

Remove Unnecessary App

The more applications installed on HP, the more applications running in the background. Applications running in the background will consume the RAM capacity. Therefore, if you want to save the capacity of your Android RAM, it is better to uninstall applications that are not important or rarely used. How to uninstall apps on Android phone is very easy, how to:

  • Enter Setting or settings and then go to apps
  • Select the app you want to uninstall
  • then click Uninstall.

Disable Default App

Not only installs applications, Android’s native apps also consume RAM. Moreover, there are some built-in applications that are not really needed by users. Well if there are one two default applications that can not be uninstalled and not too necessary you can disable the application. Default app will shut down the app. This helps to expand your Android’s RAM capacity.

  • Log in to the Play Store
  • Swipe Right or press the menu key (3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner)
  • Go to the Help & Feedback Menu
  • In the Search field, type “Disable App”
  • Select the appropriate topic
  • Click the link (link) to “Tap to go to Application Settings”
  • Select the application that can be disable
  • Press the “Disable” button.

Use App Booster for Android

Another way to expand the small capacity of Android RAM is to install the Booster app on your phone. The Booster app usually has a RAM Booster feature that works to remove unnecessary apps that eat up your phone’s RAM capacity. One of the best Booster apps for Android HP is Speed Booster from Cheetah Mobile. This application is free and can be used on all HP Android brands.

Once the application is installed, activate it from the Find RAM Booster feature. The RAM Booster feature detects which apps are running in the background. By pressing the clean button, you can erase the data and shut down the apps that are running in the background. RAM Booster features prevents your phone from being Lemot and Ngelag. Without needing to root you can add Android RAM by expanding your existing RAM capacity.


How to add Android RAM is not possible considering the RAM component already attached to the HP mainboard. Uninstalling RAM from the mainboard is the same as damaging your own phone. If you want to add Android RAM there is no other way than to upgrade to a new HP that has big RAM. But if you don’t want to replace a new HP, you can uninstall some unnecessary apps, disable default apps that aren’t too needed, and install booster apps for Android phone.

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